Here is What’s Trending in 2017

Winter is not just that time of the year when coffee feels like warm hugs; it is also that time when the markets are flooded with people as they are busy buying presents for their loved ones as the holiday season and festivals are just around the corner.

Keep that in perspective; I have listed few fashion essentials that will flatter any body shape.

Have a look, all these are an absolute must-haves for your wardrobe:

Cashmere Sweaters:

Cashmere Sweaters

I am sure we all have lost our minds seeing the stunning Kristen Stewart wearing them, as they are a fashion staple for her!

Well not just for her, they are one of those clothing bits that scream fall.

Get your hands on one of these; your wardrobe will be so thankful for it!

Furs Are Trending:

Fur Coat

Who doesn’t love a cozy fur coat? Just like every year, furs are trending Fall 2016-17 as well!

They are popular on fashion runways, celebrity makeovers and also a go-to for the Jenners as well.

Almost every other brand in the market is incorporating furs in their fall collections, from very high-end ones to low end. So even if you do not want to splurge a lot on coats, you can still avail some great options in the market!



Capelets were never common before this year. They look very chic and stylish, especially those people who prefer less cover up would love them.

They are a hot current trend, and they suit pretty much everybody!

Formal Suiting:

Formal Suiting

Pinstripe suiting is the anthem for this fall!

They keep you warm, maintaining that formal and composed outlook. They have gained popularity especially after seeing them famous associated with Calvin Klein, also the vertical lining helps giving the impact of slimmer and more tall body shape. Who doesn’t want that?

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