Winter Foods Pakistani’s Love Most

Who doesn’t love winter? After the sizzling hot summers of Pakistan, the fresh and chilled breezes of winter seem like God-sent. Pakistan is especially famous for its harsh summer and has an equal name for its lush winter season.

Just like every other country, there are some specialties (Winter Foods) that the country is known for.

Now, Pakistanis, they are super conscious about what they eat and enjoy the act immensely. It is supposed to go like—eat to live, but people of this country follow the—live to eat rule. Good Winter foods are one of their priorities.

Winter brings with it some tasty treats we can’t even fathom eating in summers because who likes to eat hot, chewy son-halwa while it’s blazing hot inside and the air-conditioning seems to have given up? That just doesn’t happen.

Here are some of the many treats that Pakistanis love and await winters impatiently so they can once again gobble these foods up:

Kashmiri Chai

Kashmiri Chai - Pink Tea

Now there’s the tea that has become our regular; we require one when w break our fast in the mornings or else we’re bound to get cranky.

Then there’s Kashmiri Chai. Yes. That baby pink brew that smells sweet and tastes like a desi-hot chocolate sprinkled with pistachios! *heart eyed emoji*

Winters wouldn’t be winters without this tea.

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar ka halwa

If a desi person reads this, he’d be drooling as he sees the heading. It’s true that we don’t seem to be much fond of carrots when we see them in a ‘sabzi pulao’ or ‘mix sabzi’ but in winters, carrots are known for one thing only, and that’s Gajar Ka Halwa. Enough said.

Chicken Corn Soup

Now soups are universal dishes served as starters in a 3-course meal and moms make them from scratch when you’re terribly sick, but in Pakistan, soups have a whole new meaning. They are especially fond of Chicken Corn Soup and every night in almost every household, this thick brew of chicken stew, corn, eggs and various sauces in on the stove, if not, you’ll find people in the restaurants with steaming bowls in front of them.

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