Fake Deals with Real Charm [Online Shopping in Pakistan]

In today’s world everyone tries to earn money by hooks and corks. So the major source of earning that people idealize for themselves is online business. The trend of online business was set by the European countries and America. These countries have set a higher level of online business. They strictly act upon the terms and conditions they offer in their deals. The online sites which are worldwide popular in online business are Ebay, Amazon etc. The point to ponder is that every time all the Asian countries try to copy the way of living, the style of business of these countries but they forget to follow their contentment towards their work. Recently we have seen an immense rise in people’s interest towards online shopping in Pakistan by seeing unverified interesting deals on Facebook, Websites, Instagram, etc due to their real charm. As compared to other Asian countries, Pakistan is a country where people have started this business for their self-benefits. By this act they not only discriminate themselves in front of the whole world but they also try to ruin the name of the country. Which is completely wrong. They publish fake deals with very less prices which gives them a real charm.


Online Deals in Asian Countries

While following European trends, Asian countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan have also started to take interest in doing online business. People from these countries also started to publish deals on their websites and pages on social websites with their contact numbers and emails. In the race of online business none of the country is on the top because after the start now every new person post fake deals just to earn money. But this ritual of frauds is equally in all three of them. This not only destroy their repute in front of their own nation but they demolish their country’s repute even on international platform.


While Online Shopping in Pakistan

A whole lot of consumers who despite all the odds trust Pakistani online shops undergo similar situations and their orders are either delayed or are never delivered. This can even get problematic if you have paid in advance, such as through credit or debit cards because refund can take weeks, or even months. These scam websites conquer your interest by showing themselves as the Walmart of Pakistan. They let the people see that their market is full of variety of products ranging from dresses to electronics to sports and medicine. Orders are cancelled or a different product is deliberately delivered when online stores can’t arrange ordered product from the open market. Some of the websites act like a spy on internet and do frauds with people to earn money. Lying about inventory to win-over the competition will one day kill the e-commerce industry altogether and these online shops won’t have any customers to tell a single lie. Because of their this non-serious attitude not only this business is effected in Pakistan but now a days due to such blunders online websites such as Amazon try to reject the orders from Pakistan due to issue in delivery of package and payment. With ruins the reputation of our country on international platform.

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