Best Burgers in Lahore

Who do not like to eat burgers? And especially when you are at Lahore (a city well known for its food items), you will found yourself surrounded by many of such places where you can visit and enjoy World’s Best Burgers.

Well, here is a list of Lahore’s top most signature burgers which are surely enough to increase your appetite:

  • Howdy’s “Son of Bun”
  • Burger Hub’s “The Emperor”
  • Hardee’s “Super Star”
  • Outpost BYOB’s “Triple Stack Beef Burger”
  • Burger King’s “Whooper”
  • Grill Hut’s “Grilled Burgers”


Howdy’s “Son of Bun”

Howdy Sun of a Bun Burgers

Howdy’s “Son of Bun” is top of the list. It is well known for its (double ton mutton’s) juicy and tender patties with white sauce. It ranges from 600 PKR to 900 PKR and is a must to taste.

Burger Hub’s “The Emperor”

Burger Hub’s “The Emperor” Burgers

“The Emperor” by “Burger Hub’s” is famous for its single / double patty beef comes along with oodles of chips. It starts from just Rs 500 PKR.


Hardee’s “Super Star”

Hardee’s “Super Star” Burgers

“Hardee’s Super Star” is enriched with Angus Mushroom & Swiss. You can delight yourself with true American’s Burger taste whereas best taste in beef also. It ranges from 500PKR to 900PKR.


 Outpost BYOB’s “Triple Stack Beef Burger”

Outpost BYOB’s Burgers

Outpost BYOB’s “Triple Stack Beef Burger” starting at Rs 500PKR is one of its specialties. At BYOB you have liberty of building burgers of your own desire and thus you can make your deal more delightful as per your choice.


Burger King’s “Whooper”

Burger King’s “Whooper” Burgers

It starts at a very affordable price of just Rs 400PKR. Whooper is further categorized as triple Whooper and Quad Whooper.


Grill Hut’s “Grilled Burger”

Grill Hut’s “Grilled Burger” Burgers

If you want to enjoy real grilled burger then “Grill Hut’s Grilled Burgers” are the right choice. Its grilled burgers come with Jalapeño and Creamy Chicken with cheese. The interesting thing about these burgers is they start at a very low affordable price of just 200PKR.




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