There’s a new sauce in town – Nando’s unveil the new Peri Peri Vusa sauce, the hottest one yet!

Stop. Stop everything you’re doing. Nando’s has launched a new sauce. This year couldn’t have had a better start. The fiery and flavorsome Peri Peri Vusa has arrived and it’s believed to be the hottest one yet. Can you handle it? Well, challenge accepted.

Nando's Peri Peri Vusa

Nando’s adds: “‘Vusa’ combines more PERi-PERi chillies than any other sauce with Nando’s distinctive ingredients including citrus, garlic and onion for an intense, full-bodied taste.” A slight warning for those with faint hearts. “Vusa” means “excitement and fire” in Zulu and considering it’s Nando’s, fits well. Some people have been describing it as “mouth on fire”, but maybe they’re just amateurs. We’re going to have to find out ourselves, aren’t we?

Nanod's Peri Peri Vusa Sauce

The sauce supposedly contains more peri peri chillies than all the other predecessors, as well as citrus, garlic and onion. If you tried all the sauces at Nando’s and think that yeah, none of these can get the best of me. Then, we’ve got news for you and you’ve got a new competitor. If you think that you can handle any level of spice thrown at you, then this is the sauce for you. You might want to order a drink with it; you know, just in case.

Now one last thing, if you’re food addict just like me, I’d suggest going to your nearest Nando’s right now and giving this ball of fire, a tasty welcome.

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