The wait is finally over! Listen to Ed Sheeran new album, Divide (÷)

Ed Sheeran is the gift that just keeps on giving. A national treasure, we can all agree.

Sheeran had been away from all the social drama and spotlight for quite some time now, but made his most anticipated comeback with his new album. Even before the release, the album Divide was destined for top charts.

So after +(2011) and x(2014), the ginger is back with his album÷ What’s with all the math?

Ed Sheeran Divide

Many people had fears that Ed Sheeran wouldn’t be able to live up to the success of Multiply(x); but after listening to just the first few seconds of the opening track (Eraser), all those fears were cast aside and all was right with the world again.

Many, and not just the die-hard fans, have been describing it as the biggest album of the year and 2017 has just started. And I must say, it couldn’t have had a better start.

Ed Sheeran Divide

There are 17 tracks, and each has its own rhythm and meaning. Perfectly formed. They are amazingly sung and have an endearing mixture of emotions, meaning and honesty. The lyrics are very compelling; you can almost feel every word. He is very honest and direct, with a sharp turn of phrase, and you really get the sense of a man getting things off his chest. You can sense a lot of oddball energy in this one. Divide is by far Sheeran’s smoothest collection.

The thing that has got people upbeat is Ed Sheeran saying, ‘I’ve topped Thinking Out Loud.’ Well, that’s about as good a guarantee as one can get.

And so, after the releases of +, x and now divide; don’t be surprised if the next album comes out in the name of –.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Ed Sheeran to listen to — on repeat, definitely.

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