Barb From Stranger Things Opens Up About Her Sexuality

Shannon Purser who plays the role of Barb Holland in the hit TV show, Stranger Things, talks about her sexuality in a series of tweets.

These tweets neither confirm nor deny whether Shannon Purser is bisexual or lesbian, but do contemplate the fact that the actress wanted to get more comfortable with her sexuality at the moment.

Shannon also states that she has been suffering from anxiety and nervousness when talking and thinking about her sexuality; also saying that discovering yourself and your sexuality is a process and you have to go through with it. The American actress also wishes that she’d found out sooner.

Barb 3

As of yet, we don’t know what’s next for Barb in Stranger Things. Many have been stating the obvious fact that she has been dead for some time now. But fan theories have emerged that Barb may just be coming back in Season 2. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Barb 2

After gaining popularity in Stranger Things, she has been working on other TV projects, such as Riverdale, where she’ll be playing the role of Ethel Muggs and movies like Wish Upon to be released this year and Life Of The Party, next year.

Stranger Things Season 2 premiers 31st Oct.


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