‘Bon Appetit’ – Katy Perry Releases New Single

Well, as we all know and have come to acknowledge, Katy Perry does not disappoint. Ever. And she has blessed up with another song – her newest single which goes by the name of ‘Bon Appetit’.

Listen to Bon Appetit ft. Migos right here:


At midnight, Katy Perry released anew track, “Bon Appétit.” It serves as the second single from her forthcoming fifth studio album, which still does not have a confirmed release date.

The song features all three members of Migos: Offset, Quavoand Takeoff. Perry co-wrote the lyrics with Ferras, Oscar Holter, Max Martin, Migos and Shellback.

Some of the lyrics include:

“Eat with your hands. I’m on the menu. Hope you got some room for the world’s best cherry pie. You’ve got those hungry eyes”

“Cause I’m all that you want, boy/All that you can have, boy/Got me spread like a buffet/Bon appétit, baby. Sweet tooth, no tooth fairy/Whipped cream, no dairy/She got her hot light on, screaming, “I’m ready”/No horses, no carriage.”

Katy 2

Like her last single, “Chained To The Rythm” – “Bon Appetit” was produced by pop producer Max Martin, who teamed with fellow Swedish producers Shellback and Oscar Holter on the dance track.

The 32-year-old said in an interview:

“All of my songs have always had layers to them, never one-dimensional. I think I used to be the queen of innuendo and I woke up a little bit more, educated myself a little bit more. Obviously I don’t know all the answers, and maybe I’m a little bit more the queen of subtext.”

Katy 1

“You’re going to have some of that good ‘ol Katy Perry, fluffy stuff that you love so much. It’s got a wide range of feelings and emotions and I just feel a little bit more conscious than I ever have.”

Well, what more do you want?

While Perry hasn’t fully detailed her upcoming fifth studio album – the singing star is, however, booked as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live for May 20, which could mark the TV debut of the new single.



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