Best Camera Apps for LG V30 Download

The 6” display smartphone has all the features that an Android freak needs. LG V30 has a 16 megapixels camera with HD resolution display. With the latest chip set and optimized performance, this phone is not any less than perfection. However, there are users out there who like their phone cameras to be full featured and functioned. Of course, we do have something for such users. As a matter of fact, there are a few best camera apps for LG V30 that provide more features than the stock installed camera app. We have listed them below so you can grab and start with them right away!

Top LG 30 Camera Apps to Download and Install:

1: Cameringo Lite. Filters Camera

Cameringo is an app developed by Peracco Labs. Up to 50 million people have downloaded this app. This app is compatible with all versions of android ranging from 2.3 to latest. Along with a stylish and intuitive user interface, Cameringo has several types of filters and effects that make your pictures desirably perfect. In addition, you get to put various frames and customization effects on your photos. It produces amazing photos in HDR effects. It is a very useful app for Lomography and hipster photography lovers. You can record videos with filters and effects. Meanwhile, it allows you to draw on your photos and videos. You can record GIFs with special effects. Adjusting the recording speed is not a hard task anymore as you can do it in this app while recording. Moreover, you can changes tones, exposure, contrast and brightness. Downloading this app provides you unique features to modify your photography experience.


2: Camera MX – Photo, Video, GIF Camera & Editor

Camera MX has the best features to add life to your photos. This app is an all-rounder with all unique effects and visuals. It transforms your photos into unique art pieces. You can take pictures in all ratios with the custom JPEG quality. At the same time, you can trim your videos without losing the original quality. This app adds a display flash to your camera while recording. Moreover, it allows you to pause while recording. Similarly, all your tasks can be done at one place be it editing or creating photos anew. It takes less of your effort and your storage space as well. Capture GIFs and save them as separate images too. You don’t want to miss all these features, do you? Then Download Camera MX in your phone and get started.


3: Camera FV-5

With Camera FV-5, your imagination and creativity is the only limit. All its unique features falls beyond the parameters of perfection. It transforms your raw photos into beautiful artwork that stands out. In the same way, you get full-fledged bracketing ranging from 3 to 7 frames. You can adjust the exposure, light, focus, balance and so much more. You get the DSLR like display where you see the aperture, exposure time and other real time details. It has intuitive time lapses that make you videos exceptional. It has the digital zoom with a multi touch pinch gesture. Whether it’s the advanced electronic viewfinder or the powerful organization options, this app is equipped with all perfectly modified features. Surely a must have, right? Download it right away from the link below!


4: Footej Camera

Developed by Semaphore Inc., Footej Camera is equipped with all the fascinating features that orchestrate your photos into brand new innovations. First and foremost, they don’t compromise on the image and video quality no matter what. The user interface is friendly and simple. It has the burst mode, animated GIFs, selfie light, and integrated gallery plus slider and what not. Moreover, Footej Camera allows you to snapshot while recording. You can record videos in slow formats also. Adjustable focus, shutter speed and all other controls make it more useful. Consequently, you can edit previously taken pictures or you can start by taking raw ones. For all that, you first need to start up! Download the app from link given below.


5: Open Camera

Last but not the least, Open Camera is a fully equipped camera that allows you to put magic on your shots. Its auto stabilizers make your photos perfect. There are so many focus modes and scene modes that you can choose from. All the controls are handy. The user interface is simple. It has the high resolution video recording feature. Similarly, adjustable features like focus, contrast, brightness, exposure etc. It offers handsome choice of grids and crop frames. Zoom feature with multi touch pinch and single gesture as well. Cherry on top, you can take lively selfies with front flash on. You can put date and time stamps on your photos along with the location. Apparently, you get all premium features without spending a single penny. Download Open Camera from the link below!


We just summoned up a best camera apps list for you and if you find it useful, do show your support in the comments below!

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